Circle City Lager

Brewed with a combination of malted barley, corn and rice. Using a blend of hops it creates a flavorful experience but with a clean, crisp finish.

Copenhagen Pilsner

The Danish style of a pilsner has biscuity malt flavor with German noble hops.

Crescent Fresh

Big notes of citrus in the aroma are complemented by a smooth bitterness and crisp, piney finish.



A great NE DIPA made from Cascade/Centennial hops grown in Michigan. Classic taste from a hazy trend.

Amber Ale

Beautifully Colored Amber Ale greets you with an aroma of fruit and biscuits. With your first sip you'll notice the amount of roasted malts and honey malts that went into making this beer. The finish is pleasantly sweet.

Itty Bitty Brown

Makin Memories

A creamy mouthfeel gives way to a light roasty flavor and finishes with subtle chocolate notes.


Plum Marshmallow

This Hard Seltzer Base infused with massive amounts of plum puree and marshmallow fluff, this seltzer will shock you with it's easy drink ability!


Double Dry Hopped Lager

With the flavor of the hops without any of the bitterness, this easy drinking lager is style packed with great taste.

Dawn Street

A tribute to the street that our first Brewery is located on, this Hazy Pale Ale starts with a tropical aroma and then burst forward with citrus and pine favor!


Spactial Disturbance

A great NE DIPA brewed with Galaxy and Neslon Sauvin Hops with a Pine finish.


Early House Irish Red

A slang term in Dublin for the bars that serve beer early AM to third shift workers, this red ale follows in that tradition. Easy drinking caramel flavor gives way to a nutty finish.

Tiramisu Stout

In Italian, Tiramisu means "pick me up." Inspired by the coffee flavored Italian desert, this rich, full bodied stout is guaranteed to do just that.


Mango-Orange Creamsicle

This Hard Seltzer Base with mango and orange puree, with vanilla beans forming a smooth and creamy seltzer that is crush-able!


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